100% Halal Certified

100% Halal certified to support a Healthy Lifestyle

HalalNatures Well is unprecedented in offering the first ever vitamins and nutritional products brand to be fully certified by the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC) in the UK, You can view our Halal Certificate (click here)We feel there is a need for halal certification to authenticate genuine halal vitamins and nutritional products and set them apart from products that may have been considered permissible but are strictly speaking not halal (such as those labeled “suitable for vegetarians” or “alcohol free”)

All of our products are made in the UK using only the highest quality natural halal ingredients sourced in the UK and Internationally. We work with the HMC to ensure that all our products are free from the use of alcohol (be it in the actual ingredients themselves or in the production / extraction and cleaning processes) and our laboratories and production facilities in the UK are regularly audited to ensure the ingredients – including plant, fish, certified halal beef gelatin, flavours or extracts – manufacturing and production processes used are fully sharia- compliant and therefore 100% Halal.

Each of our products has been through HMC’s stringent lab-testing requirements, which means we can guarantee our customers the assurance you need when purchasing fully accredited halal certified vitamins and nutritional products.

Natures Well Products are:

  • 100% (HMC) Halal Monitoring Committee Certified
  • Free from Alcohol
  • Free from Pork
  • Free from non-halal animal based ingredients
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Made in the UK under strictly audited laboratories

What is Halal?

Halal is high ethical values, meaning ‘permissable’ In terms of Islamic dietary laws. The term covers and designates not only food and drink but also all matters of daily life. ‘Halal’ means that the ingredients / nutrients have come from permissible sources, and are free of any forbidden substances, (such as pigs, bones, animal based ingredients, alcohol and blood).

Why the need for Halal Vitamins & Nutritional Products?

Major supplement brands usually contain gelatin and animal based ingredients, specifically pork and alcohol based ingredients. In addition, fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A, D, E & K can come from non-halal sources.

What is the difference between Natures Well and other Halal Supplements?

Natures Well is unprecedented in bringing you the first ever halal certified vitamins and nutritional health products range in the UK. We are committed to bringing you only the purest products unlike some other products that make halal claims without certification.

What about products that claim to be “suitable for vegetarians”?

The criteria for vegetarian suitability are very different to halal, in particular the use of alcohol and other non-halal sources.

Is Natures Well only for Muslims?

Our products are for everybody wanting to buy high quality natural, 100% certified products. Natures Well products conform to HMC certification requirements on top of the current European regulations and legislation. So our products go through much more stringent testing than most products.We welcome any feedback and suggestions and are continually looking to develop our products, so please do get in touch with us (here).

Islam & Health

From an Islamic perspective, health is viewed as one of the greatest blessings that God has bestowed on mankind; the greatest gift after belief itself.

HMC – Halal Monitoring Committee UK

100% Halal certified
HMC was established to help ensure that all Muslims could be confident that the products they consume are ‘genuinely halal’. The HMC organisation is an independent, not for profit, registered charity that monitors, inspects and certifies Halal products for the benefit of the Muslim community. Today, HMC is the most trusted organisation in the UK due to the rigid processes in place to ensure transparency of Halal products. For more information please visit (halalhmc.org)