Don’t Be Fooled by the Cover Up Name Natural Sweetener for Aspartame

Don’t Be Fooled by the Cover Up Name Natural Sweetener for Aspartame

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It is not unusual for there to be controversies between officials and health experts. One of these is the debate over Aspartame. While there have been many studies that show the dangers of consuming this component many officials tend to turn a blind eye to this

It is really distressing to note that so many people have turned to artificial sweeteners with the belief that they are doing something good for their body. Yet studies have shown that Aspartame for example, have been associated with some major health issues, including seizures and for women it can increase the risk of heart problems.

There have been studies going back several years concerning artificial sweeteners including Aspartame. In one study it was tested on baby monkey with the results being one died and the five remaining ones suffered with grand mal seizures.

  • A lot of the detrimental effects of Aspartame became widely known and as a result, many consumers stopped using it or so they thought. What they didn’t realize is that it is often found in many of the food staples that we use such as breakfast cereals, gum and of course diet drinks.
  • It is true that a lot of people are now taking the time to read food labels, but this creates its own challenge. Trying to decipher the names of the ingredients can be mind-boggling. It is a big marketing game and often one of deception. A prime example is you may now come across the name “Aminosweet” which happens to be another name for Aspartame. Throughout the European Unit you may see Aspartame coded as E951.
  • So with all these confusion and challenges what is the solution? Perhaps the better alternative would be to condition your body so it didn’t have a requirement for sweets or sugar in the first place. The real problem comes down to our habit of thinking we need something sweet, but at the same time we know sugar is bad for us so what we think is the better alternative being artificial sweeteners which in fact are every bit as dangerous.
  • The solution is to chance our thinking and breaking the habit of wanting something sweet in the first place. Once you master this you will no longer have to be concerned about finding substitutes. Plus, staying away from processed foods is the other answer as well.
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