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What does ‘Halal’ mean?

Halal is an Arabic word, which means ‘permissible’. In terms of Islamic dietary laws, ‘Halal’ means that the nutrients have come from permissible sources, and are free of any forbidden substances (such as pigs, bones, alcohol, and blood).


What makes most vitamins non-halal?

Other major vitamin brands such as Centrum® and One-A-Day® usually contain gelatin. In addition, fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E, and K can come from non-halal sources.


Why is gelatin haram?

Gelatin is used as a softening agent. Most companies use gelatin that is extracted from haram sources such as pig fat or bones because it is common and inexpensive to make. This is forbidden according to Islamic dietary laws and is therefore haram. However, Natures Well™ uses gelatin from HALAL sources only. All our products are certified HALAL. No haram ingredients are used in any Natures Well ™ products.


Do Natures Well™ products contain gelatin?

No Natures Well™ products contain gelatin from animals. The gelatin used in Natures Well™ products always come from fruit or plant sources for us to be able to guarantee no contamination.


Are alternative supplements such as Kosher Vitamins considered Halal?

Kosher vitamins are produced according to Jewish dietary laws, which are not necessarily Halal, or permissible by Islamic law. For example, some Kosher certifying organizations believe some non-halal-sources and alcohols to be permissible, and therefore Kosher. All Natures Well™ are certified Halal and contain no ingredients forbidden by Islamic law.


What is the difference between Natures Well™ and other vitamin brands?

At Natures Well™ we are committed to bringing you only the purest vitamins and nutritional supplement products. Natures Well™ are 100% Gelatin-free, Alcohol-free, Pork-free, and only contain ingredients from Vegetarian, Halal and Kosher sources. Not only are all our products safe, but our facility and manufacturing practices have also gone through the same rigorous process and are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).


Are Halal vitamins lacking in any essential nutrients?

No. Natures Well™ products bring you the best and most complete vitamins to fit your healthy lifestyle and have the same vitamins and minerals as other premium brands. We use All natural ingredients sourced from reliable sources and all of our products are produced here in the UK.


Why is taking vitamins important?

Daily vitamin supplement intake is highly recommended by doctors. Research shows that inadequate intake of several vitamins has been linked to the development of chronic diseases including coronary heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis. Daily use of vitamins has been proven to reduce stress and fight infection. Natures Well™ products are an excellent source of all essential nutrients and minerals.

Why do we not use Gelatin?

Natures Well have taken a strong stance against Gelatin or any animal or aminal by-product. Gelatin is used as a softening and gelling agent. Most companies use gelatin that is extracted from sources such as pig fat or bones because it is common and inexpensive to make. It is impossible to guarantee Halal or Kosher Gelatin as it is highly likely that you will get some contamination at source. This is not allowed within the Vegetarian and Vegan Diet and forbidden according to Halal & Kosher dietary laws. However, Natures Well™

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