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The Latest and Greatest Probiotic Benefits

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There always seems to be a new buzzword when it comes to modern day health. One that has been around for some time now and really has gained well-received recognition is Probiotics. One of the reasons these have gained so much attention is because they are readily available in some of the foods we consume. These are food items like fermented vegetables or some types of Yogurts.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacteria that provide many important benefits to the human body and specifically when it comes to what some call gut health or digestive health.

Good bacteria replenishment

When Probiotics first started to gain recognition in the studies conducted they were focused on how they were beneficial for replenishing the good bacteria in the intestines that is often lost for a variety of reasons. While this was a good thing at this point it really was looked at as to what could be the additional benefits of taking Probiotics.

Extended Probiotics studies

When something becomes popular as being an aid for good health it usually generates a lot of interest amongst the scientists who want to know more. This has been true with Probiotics. There have been several studies conducted on them with many of the results being most favourable. A lot of new and additional reasons for taking Probiotics have surfaced and continue to surface.

Newer Probiotic Findings

  • A recent study showed that a strain of probiotics that was found in some dairy products and meats was able to lower LDL levels, which lowered the cholesterol levels in some of the study group by 9%. Another study indicated that one form of Probiotic was able to kill the bad bacteria responsible for tooth decay and was able to reduce the symptoms of gingivitis.
  • On many occasions individuals have to be treated with antibiotics for a health condition, which in turn destroys the good bacteria in their body, and they can end up with bouts of diarrhea. It has been shown that taking Probiotics may help to prevent and stop this by replacing the destroyed good bacteria.
  • Many individuals suffer with eczema. It has been discovered that some babies can also develop eczema as a result of their mother having. What’s new is that it may be that Probiotics, when taken two months prior to giving birth and then continuing to use them through the first two months of breastfeeding may reduce the chances of the new baby developing eczema.

These are just a few of the many benefits of Probiotics focusing on some of the newer benefits. Probiotics are best taken in a supplement form to ensure that you are getting the right amount.

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