Nutritionists Tips for a Healthy Ramadan

Nutritionists Tips for a Healthy Ramadan

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Boost it up

“Most people do not drink enough fluids. Push your fluid intake to the recommended two litres per day. If you’re already achieving this, then you can comfortably increase your intake by two to four glasses per day to help cope with the dehydrating effect of air conditioning and extreme outside temperatures.”

Choose fresh

“Fruit and vegetables can be hydrating, so during Ramadan, try to get more than five portions a day – especially of watermelon, grapefruit, apples, tomatoes, cucumber, squash, courgettes and lettuce.”

Listen to your body

“Your urine should be pale like straw. Any darker means you need to slowly increase your fluid intake. Your body will quickly adapt and your trips to the bathroom will lessen. You will also become more in tune with your body and be able to tell when you are dehydrated and need more water.”

Sip on the go

“Don’t drink your daily two litres of water all in one go. Carry a bottle of water with you so that you can sip throughout the day. If fasting, take a bottle of water to bed and sip during the night.”

After hours

“If you are fasting during Ramadan, pay special attention to hydrating your body after sundown. When ending your fast, sip a glass of water slowly – either before or with your dates. Do not be tempted to eat other foods or drink coffee before drinking this water.”

Limit the juice

“Fruit juices contain water, some vitamins and minerals and also count as one of your ‘five a day’ portions of fruit and vegetables – so they are a good choice of drink.
“However, always ensure that your juice is pure and contains no extra hidden ingredients, such as sugar. Also, because fruit juice contains natural fruit sugar, which in excess can harm your teeth and is high in calories, it is best not to have more than one small glass of pure fruit juice a day.”

Exercise essentials

“For every hour of aerobic exercise, you will need an extra litre and a half of water. If fasting do not exercise until at least one hour before iftar so you can rehydrate soon after.”

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