Traditional Vegan Vitamins weren’t doing us any favours, so we made ones that will.

Vegan & Vegetarian
Palm Oil Free
Gluten & Wheat Free
Allergen Free
GMO Free
Traceable Nutrients
Assured Halal & Kosher
Cruelty Free
Made in Britain
Biodegradable Packaging

Our Customers Favourites

Some of our most popular, award winning products to help support your lifestyle!


The Ultimate Multivitamin

Our Advanced "One a Day" Multivitamin formula is the most potent formulation on the market, specially formulated and optimised for vegans and vegetarians with high strength Vitamin B12, Vegan Vitashine D3, K2, Iron, Iodine, Selenium, Zinc plus all the other essential nutrients needed to balance your lifestyle choices, Every Age, Every Lifestyle. FORMULATED SPECIALLY FOR VEGANS & VEGETARIANS, SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE. LEARN MORE

Who We Are

100% PLASTIC FREE & BIODEGRADABLE PACKAGING We are passionate about the environment and being completely sustainable is one of our core values. We have an ambition to be plastic free and carbon neutral. As a vitamin company we are leading the way in using Eco-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable packaging. We try to do business the right way. We take responsibility for our impact on society and the planet and always try to leave things better than we found them. LEARN MORE

Our Purpose

Our mission is to ensure whatever your dietary choices no one should lack essential nutrients, and in fact we can help drive the change to a more healthy and sustainable future by giving people confidence that their ethical and environmental choices will not effect their health, now that's what we call a purpose. VITAMINS WITH POTENCY & PURPOSE. LEARN MORE

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